Thursday, April 26, 2012

Minimum Age for event: 21+
Ticket Price: $15.00

6555 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028

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We are excited to announce LYNX and Salva’s co-headlining performance in Los Angeles on April 26th. They are joined by Antler, who is making his debut Do LaB, and live painter Rachel Rose. Pre-sale tickets are now available online


Lynx, is an innovative singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, beat-boxer and producer from the Bay Area by way of Colorado. At 25, she has already been breaking new ground in both the live and electronic music scenes playing events all over the world. Lynx’s music combines elements from multiple genres including electronica, folk, and indie pop. Her new album On the Horizon intertwines powerful vocals, lyrics that are both universal and intimate, timely and timeless, and a sound that switches from folky to cutting edge with bumping beats that melt to raw, melancholy melodies and resolve with infectious pop hooks.

Listen to LYNX’s new album on Bandcamp below:

Watch this intimate video performance from LYNX on YouTube below:


Salva is a Los Angeles-based producer, remixer, DJ. Head of Frite Nite label, publishing and events. Red Bull Music Academy Alumni.

Listen to Salva’s latest music on Soundcloud below:

We also recommend you download Salva’s XLR8R Podcast


Antler is the brainchild of talented Brooklyn based producer Jason Collins. Through the use of live instruments, analog synthesizers, vintage samples, and digital sound design, Antler creates expansive textures with dirty beats and futuristic sounds to create something truly unique. While Antler’s productions can sometimes be downtempo and dreamy his live shows are focused on getting people moving as he flows through a variety of styles.

Listen to Antler’s latest music via Soundcloud below:

Live painting by RACHEL ROSE