Print@Home How-To:

Your Print@Home ticket will look something like this:

print@home ticket sample


Print@home with ID tickets are not transferrable. The name that appears on the ticket must match the name on your ID when you arrive at the event. This is to prevent fraud and counterfeiting of tickets. If you purchased a regular print@home ticket, this ID requirement does not apply.

Follow these simple steps to use your Print@Home tickets:

Step 1: Make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Reader to open your tickets:

Your tickets are sent as Adobe Reader .pdf files. You will need the free Adobe Reader program to open and print your tickets. Get it here:

Step 2: Open your ticket(s) from the link sent in your confirmation email:

If you haven't received your confirmation email, email with your order number or the name on the credit card you used.

Step 3: Print your tickets

- Once the ticket is open in your browser click the Print icon in the Adobe Reader menu bar, or go to File > Print to print your ticket(s).

- Be sure to print all of your tickets if ordering more than one.

Step 4: Bring your ticket(s) to the event

- The ticket(s) you printed are your ACTUAL TICKETS for admission to the event. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO ENTER THE EVENT WITHOUT THEM.


Still need help? Check out the FAQ below:

Q: I have Adobe Reader installed, but the ticket still isn't opening in my browser?

A: You may need to open your ticket .pdf directly in Adobe Reader. First, download your ticket .pdf to your computer from the email. On a PC you can right-click or CTRL-click the link and select "Save link as..."; on a Mac command-click the link and choose "Save as". Next, open Adobe Reader, choose File > Open, and navigate to your downloaded ticket .pdf file. The ticket will open up in Adobe Reader and you can click the print icon from within the program.

Q: What if my printer jams, or I lose my tickets?

A: As soon as you purchase tickets, an email receipt containing a link to your tickets is automatically sent to the email address you provided. If you need to reprint, follow this link to print your tickets again. You may reprint your tickets using this link as often as you wish, and there is no charge for doing so. If you have not received your confirmation email, please email Support, and we will resend it to you. Also, if your email client has a spam or junk folder, please be sure to check there for your confirmation email.

Q: What kind of printer, paper and ink do I use to print my tickets?

A: The tickets are meant to be printed using any normal inkjet or laser printer, and on normal 8.5" x 11" paper. Also, they do not have to be printed in color - black & white ink is acceptable.

Q: What happens if I make a copy of my ticket?

A: Each ticket contains a unique, two dimensional barcode that is scanned at the venue. The barcode will only be admitted to the venue on the first scan. After a barcode is scanned at the door, it immediately becomes invalid for any subsequent entries. If someone else has copied your ticket and is in your seat, it will have to be resolved by the venue, just as with traditional "hard" tickets.

Q: I don't have a printer. Can I still use Print@Home?

A: Yes. You can still order your tickets on line and forward the purchase confirmation email that you will receive to any computer with a working printer, and print your tickets from there. You could also open the email through webmail at a Staples or OfficeMax type location and print from there. Just be sure to not leave a copy on any public computers, as someone could could make an unauthorized copy of your ticket this way.


If you still have questions about your purchase, we are here to help.  If you can't access or print your tickets, please email with the subject Print@Home tickets cannot be printed and customer support will respond to help ASAP.