The Do LaB Presents: Photek
Friday, February 15, 2013

Minimum Age for event: 21 and over
Ticket Price: $15.00

King King
6555 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028

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Join us on February 15th as we host genre defying producer Photek at King King. Unlimited Gravity and Electric Dandelion will also be performing. Limited $15 discount pre-sale tickets are now on sale, then tickets will be $20 pre-sale and at the door.


Photek stands mercilessly on the edge. A sonic scientist, pushing both his sounds and fans' expectations to the outermost limits since 1994, he floods the footnotes of electronica like MP3s clutter up your hard drive. Previously misinterpreted as a lone paranoid soldier, a conspiracy theorist and a man from Ipswich, Rupert Photek Parkes is none of the above. Each tale you'll be regaled with elsewhere online is based on a spec of truth that's exploded beyond proportion. May the real Photek please stand up...

Driven by his years of studio discipline; sharpened by an acute awareness that he'll be received by the heads that know him well and ears that don't know him at all, Photek's new sound carries all the barbed motifs and icy atmospherics all tied up tight with his own take on today's contemporary genre-breaking melting pot.

Destination tomorrow: Photek's decorated past and diligent work ethic leads us here. The new music you'll hear this year is yet another chapter in a life spent overdosing on sonic nuances and boundary testing. Take it or leave it; from this moment on Photek has programmed a new system, the code racing mercilessly towards the main stage where an explosive live show, primed with nothing but his own material, patiently awaits.

Listen to Photek's latest music below. 


Unlimited Gravity (Ronnie Weberg) is a multi-talented life-long musician originating from Denver, Colorado. The Unlimited Gravity sound is best described as an ingenious alchemical hybrid, combining the chaotic energy of crunchy crunk beats with the calculated precision and intensity of a classically trained composer. Setting himself apart from the masses, Ronnie has the unique ability to masterfully create the most marvelous dichotomy of sound within each track. Two dynamically oppositional forces are pitted against each other in a musical battle royale; the result is always a titanic struggle of epic proportions from which only Unlimited Gravity could possibly emerge victorious.

Listen to his latest music below.


No matter what genre of original music Electric Dandelion decides to spin, he is an artist known for creating unforgettable soundscapes. The Los Angeles based producer began his musical journey at the of 10 when he started playing drums. Under the name Dandelion, he quickly became a sunrise fan-favorite among the Los Angeles underground while being a resident DJ at Space Island. In 2009 he changed his name to Electric Dandelion and continued spinning frequently at Los Angeles hotspots. 

We'll see you on the dance floor very soon Los Angeles!